11 Must-Haves for Your Dirndl Bag

Date Posted:13 September 2018 

Now ladies, no one should be unprepared for the fun activities guaranteed at Oktoberfest Brisbane or any Oktoberfest for that reason.

Our dirndl bags (hand-made by Mama Schnucki herself!) are the perfect accessory to keep your precious items on you - literally! You can thread your apron's ribbon through the dirndl bag, so you never have to carry it with your hands. To enjoy yourself at this year's Festival, we have prepared a list of the 11 must-haves for your Dirndl bag. Along with some everyday must have's, we've included some of our FAVOURITE Dr. Hauschka products from Helio's Health and Beauty

1. Lipstick. Ladies, look after your lips! We recommend the 03 Camellia Lipstick. It is one of our favourite go-to shades for daily lip colour and care, with a lovely sheen to it as well. 

2. Lip liner. To moisturise and form a protective barrier around your lips, we recommend the 02 red heart lip line definer. It's great for preventing that annoying smudging of your lipstick/lip-gloss. 

3. Lip gloss. Just for that extra shine, we recommend the 04-goji lip gloss. Perfect for highlighting your gorgeous lips! 

4. Mascara. It's always good to freshen up your eyes after a few hours of dancing! We recommend this stunning Volume Mascara. 

5. Colour Correcting Powder. To reduce the appearance of redness and maintain a beautifully fresh complexion, you can't go wrong with this Colour Correcting 00 Transculent Powder. 

6. Deodorant. We highly recommend the Sage Mint Deodorant, to keep you feeling fresh for longer. 

7. Body powder. The Silk Body Powder is one of our favourite travel companions. It helps to prevent chaffing and blisters, and a little sprinkle in the shoes overnight keeps them smelling fresh by absorbing moisture.

8. Hand sanitizer. The best way to clean your hands before eating a delicious pretzel. 

9. Band-Aids. If you wear new shoes and plan to be dancing all night, you are sure to receive a few blisters. Nothing is more uncomfortable than to leave an open wound uncovered. 

10. Tissues. Sneezes, tears of laughter or some food on your face, you just never know when you might need these. 

11. Hair tie/bobby pins. After dancing for hours, your beautiful braided hair-style might start to come apart. To prevent it from falling apart completely, bobby pins and hair ties are definite essentials in your Dirndl bag. 

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