Are you wearing the right bra for your dirndl?

Author: Schnucki xx   Date Posted:27 September 2016 


The Dirndl Bra - was ist das?

A dirndl bra is one specifically designed to be worn under your dirndl. It will lift your bust into the most flattering position and make your bosom look fabulous!

  • The dirndl bra is an underwired push-up bra with straps closer to the armpits, which is essential as the dirndl blouse has a wider neckline.
  • The rounded cup shape accentuates the bosom more fully; the three quarter cup design (which differs from a regular bra) ensuring a visible upper lift.
  • The dirndl bra is often embellished with bows, trims and embroidery (because your underwear should always be as gorgeous as your dirndl)!


Dirndl Bra

Why should you wear a Dirndl Bra?

A normal, everyday bra typically only has a support function, whereas the dirndl bra also has the added benefit of creating the perfect shape. They are not specifically for the fuller bust size, they are also super beneficial to those women endowed with the smaller bust sizes. The dirndl bra lifts the bosome and highlights the plunging cleavage to ensure a show stopper every time!

Ecro Blouse with Dirndl Bra


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