Dirndl Styles

Author: kimzoulek   Date Posted:2 August 2015 

Dirndl Styles

We would like to introduce you to the different styles and varieties of Dirndls……


Traditional – long “Maxi Dirndl”
Very traditional and for ever contemporary. With a long Dirndl you are ready for any occasion!
Long skirt - up to 85 - 90cm long.



Midi Dirndl – knee-length
Very trendy, always in style, preferred length at Oktoberfest.
Knee length skirt - 60 - 70cm long.



Mini Dirndl - Short and sexy(50 cm)
Short, cool and bold – the Mini Dirndl especially for the young ladies……
Skirt length - 50cm


Creative and classy – Designer Dirndl
Exclusively designed at the Ateliers of well known and famous Dirndl Designer’s.



Fashionable and modern – the Trend Dirndl
Every inch is a fashion statement. The must have Dirndl for all fashion victims and trendsetters.