Holz vor der Hütt‘n!

Author: Schnucki xx   Date Posted:12 January 2015 


The female Décolleté is ultimately showcased at an Oktoberfest within a perfectly fit Dirndl;? a delightful sight to men. With a few shared secret fashion tricks, your Dirndl will do all the work for you, whilst you enjoy feeling sexy.

Every women wants to feel that she is ‘Holz vor der Huett’n’ (well-endowed), ?and with the correct choice of blouse and Dirndl BH (bra) this will occur.


The Dirndl Blouse

The real Dirndl blouse is worn beneath a Dirndl dress. It is short and ends beneath the breasts, where it is often held with an elastic band, optimising a perfect fit. Some are short, mid-length or long sleeved and can even have pretty patterns on them.

The classical blouse is usually white with puffed sleeves and is mostly worn by the ‘Madln’ (Bavarian girls). Other colours are available, however much care needs to be taken to ensure they complement your Dirndl dress.




Now whilst the ‘Carmen Blouse’ seems to be an obvious choice as it is often seen at Oktoberfest, for a traditional look you should steer away from it! Due to its low cut neck-line and copious amount of skin showing, it is referred as the ‘gschlampert’ (messy) look! But it all comes down to preference.

The Dirndl Bra


It is imperative that the Dirndl bra sits perfectly and maximises your dÉcolletÉ, and is comfortable so you can truly enjoy your Oktoberfest visit.


The perfect Dirndl bra has straps on the side and ¾ cups to ensure a good fit. Originally, no part of the bra was visible under the blouse, however a lot of manufactures now produce bras with laces and different patterns that complement or enhance the blouse and ultimately your outfit.

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