How To: Clean Your Dirndl!

Author: Schnucki xx   Date Posted:26 July 2016 


Please note: whilst the recommendations below may be helpful, not every dirndl, blouse & apron would suit our washing instructions. We recommend following the instructions on the tag of your garment. Or if in doubt, ask us or have a chat with your dry cleaner!

1. Washing Your Blouse

The fabulous thing about your blouse is that it is only a small garment and the easiest to clean! When your blouse has perhaps caught some sauerkraut or some sweet mustard, be grateful that it was your easy-to-clean blouse that caught it first and not your gorgeous dirndl!

Most blouses are made from a mixture of cotton & polyester and the best way to clean them is to put them straight in the washing machine on a gentle cycle at 30deg celsius. From there, you can simply put them straight in the dryer or hang them out in the gorgeous sunshine! See? Easy!!


blouses 2

2. Washing Your Dirndl

Dirndls are made from so many varying materials, depending on what brand and style they are. We recommend either dry-cleaning or spot cleaning yourself. Even though most dirndls are made from machine-washable materials, it's the gorgeous detail that you don't want to ruin!



3. Washing Your Apron

Much like the dirndl, aprons come in so many varying materials. Given that the apron is generally the part of your outfit to get the dirtiest, sometimes spot cleaning just won't do the job! We definitely recommend checking the tag or seeing what your dry-cleaner says.


Schnucki xx