Lederhosen for the real guys…

Author: Schnucki xx   Date Posted:12 January 2015 


Who doesn’t dream sitting on a beer bench at the Oktoberfest sipping an ice cold beer and a beautiful girl dressed in a Dirndl beside him!!!

But this will only work if you have the right Lederhosen.

The right Lederhosen accentuates the well formed Male butt and all the girls will look at the well toned calfs.


The Lederhosen buying guide

1. Lenght

There are two kinds of Lederhosen, one is called “Kniebund” which finishes below thee knee.

The other is called “Plattler” and finishes just before the knee (short)

Choosing the length of the Lederhosen depends on your preference, if you have nice calfs and want to show them off then the “Plattler” is your Lederhosen. If you have long slender legs the maybe you want to go with the “Kniebund”. It really all depends what you feel more comfortable in.


2. Leather

The most important thing about a Lederhosen is the leather. You can buy cheap Lederhosen, but they will be very uncomfortable, they don’t breath, they are sticky and just ugly.

The perfect leather for a Lederhosen is chamois tanned deerskin. It feels like a second skin, breathes well and is absorbent. However these are quite expensive, about Euro 1,000 + and hard to come by.

Then there is ‘Wildbock’ (wild buck) Leather which is easy to come by and most good modern Lederhosen are made from. You can also get cowhide and goatskin Lederhosen. But if you want the more authentic one that doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg, that breathes well, absorbs well and also feels like a second skin get a Wildbock Lederhosen.


3. Lederhosen Colour

Lederhosen come in many different colours, varying from black to dark brown, light brown and golden brown.


4. Embelishment

If you want the traditional look then don’t dare and experiment. When it comes to the embellishing of traditional Lederhosen stick with traditional motives such as calibrate or vine leaves and classic colours such as light green, moss green or yellow.

However if you want to break out of the norm and feel like embracing the New Range of 2015 do all but the above :)


5. Accessorising your Lederhosen

In the knife pocked you would usually place a ‘Nicker’, a hunting knife with a handle made out chamois or deer/stag antler. However when going to the Oktoberfest these are best left at home.

The braces are not a must. If you prefer to wear you Lederhosen without the braces you can definitely add a leather belt with a nice big buckle - this is a 2015 Range must.

To finish your Plattler Lederhosen outfit you have to wear the matching Lederhosen socks, which are called “Loferl”. They only cover the calves and come in white/green, white/brown and other modern colours. Stick with the White/Green and White/Brown for the 100% authentic Bavarian look.


6. Looking after your Lederhosen

Looking after your Lederhosen is easy, wear them regularly! Lederhosen are meant to get patina! It is important for many Lederhosen enthusiasts and proofs that one often and gladly wears his Lederhosen. The greasy shine makes the Lederhosen perfect.

However here a few tips:

  1. Air them regularly!
  2. If you put them in storage until next years Oktoberfest make sure it is in a place where they can breathe and don’t fold them!
  3. Never take them to the dry cleaners but rather spot treat them when necessary with a damp cloth.


7. What to look out for when buying your perfect Lederhosen

Lederhosen are meant to sit snug; it is wise to do the sitting test to see if you are comfortable. They will loosen once you wear them for a few hours, as your body heat will stretch them slightly, up to 3cm.

Keep in mind it is not advisable to buy them super snug so that you can’t sit down in the Biergarten drinking your beer and eating that pork knuckle.