Oktoberfest Brisbane 2016 - What a FABULOUS time!

Author: Schnucki xx   Date Posted:27 October 2016 


Schnucki Pop Up Shop 2016 OFB Schnucki Team OFB Mama Schnucki and Schwester Schnucki

OFB Mama Schnucki and Friends 02 OFB Mama Schnucki and Friends OFB Mama Schnucki and Friends 03

OFB Mama Schnucki and Friends TWINS OFB Mama Schnucki and Friends 04 OFB Mama Schnucki and Friends 05


On top of that, we had fashion parades on the Saturdays...

OFB Schnucki Parade 01 OFB Schnucki Parade 02 OFB Schnucki Parade 03


...and the Family Fashion Parades on the Sundays. Who says you shouldn't work with children?? Our tiny models were fabulous and the crowd loved them!

OFB Schnucki Family Parade 01 OFB Schnucki Family Parade 02 OFB Schnucki Family Parade 03

OFB Schnucki Family Parade 04 OFB Schnucki Family Parade 05 OFB Schnucki Family Parade 06


PLUS Schnucki were the official sponsors of Miss Oktoberfest Brisbane 2016 and Mama Schnucki jumped up on stage to help crown the new Miss Oktoberfest Brisbane for 2016, Gemma!

OFB Schnucki Miss OFB16 02 OFB Schnucki Miss OFB16 03 OFB Schnucki Miss OFB16 01

We are exhausted, but we are so excited to do it all again next year... to everyone who came, to everyone who shopped, and to everyone who handed Kim + Mama Schnucki a Champagne along the way - THANK YOU! We shall see you all again next year.


TschÜßy! xx


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