Oktoberfest-Special: Trachten-Guide 2015

Author: kimzoulek   Date Posted:8 September 2015 

A Lady’s 5 ‘Must-haves’ for her German Outfit


1. The Dirndl

Naturally, the Dirndl forms the core of any woman’s complete German outfit. There are many varieties in our range, from the traditional cotton “Wash-Dirndls” through to modern, elegant hand printed silk fabrics or exquisite embroidery.

The length of the Dirndl is also important: The young ladies might prefer a shorter skirt (remember, not too short!), while the mature woman usually prefers a Midi or Long length skirt. These will play around the knee or down to the ankle respectively.


2. The right Dirndl blouse

Dirndl blouses are available in many different styles and cuts.

This upcoming Oktoberfest season, we recommend sticking with a traditional style blouse – simple and elegant with white ruching.

For the more adventurous, this season also brings a new style of lace Dirndl blouses.

3. Jewelry

Pearl necklaces in combination with Swarovski stones, deer antler pieces… anything is possible. Stunning handmade Charinis are the equivalent to the men’s Charivaris. Schnucki has jewelry to satisfy every taste and occasion.


4. The flower Head Band

Instead of fresh flowers, there is a simple and easy solution where nothing will wilt! We at Schnucki have a gorgeous range of handmade flower head pieces. Using silk flowers, they give your Dirndl a romantic touch.
An absolute must have!!!

4. Socks
The "Trachten" socks are making a big come back at this years Oktoberfest! Once frowned upon by the Fashion greats now an absolute must have, however they must be traditional and most definitely no ribbons on it!



A Man’s 5 ‘Must-haves’ for his German Outfit


1. Lederhosen

This season, the must have Lederhosen is the ‘Plattler’ style which finishes just above the knee. Schnucki’s range features beautifully embroidered Lederhosen which are available in either a ‘new’ look or a ‘worn in’ look. The trend in 2015 is to wear your ‘Plattler’ Lederhosen without braces.


2. Shirt

Though the available colours of traditional shirts are seemingly endless, traditionally a white shirt is the way to go. But in today’s modern times, almost anything goes. Schnucki’s range lets you choose between a myriad of colours chequered in with white, the list is almost endless! Many of the most recent designs feature elaborate embroidery on different and unique parts of the Shirts. Lastly we recommend that the shirt you choose should be made from 100% cotton. This way it will breath better during all the chicken dancing you’re bound to do wearing it!


3. Charivari

Charivari is worn on the front of your Lederhosen and consists of a strong silver or silver plated chain with and array of lucky charms. The most popular ones are silver coins, gemstones, venison teeth or very small pieces of deer antlers. It is important to always have an uneven number of charms on your Charivari, even numbers are said to bring about bad luck.

4. Socks

The style of Lederhosen you’ve chosen will determine what socks should be worn. With ‘Kniebund’ Lederhosen (which finish just below the knee) wear knee high socks which can be worn pulled up or scrunched down to the ankle. With ‘Plattler’ Lederhosen you have a choice: you can wear the knee length socks in the same ways, or choose ‘Loiferl’ which are best described as ‘socks for your calves’. Schnucki’s range includes these options in natural colours or, as is the trend this season, modern colours such as green, red and blue.

5. Hat

And to top it all off…. put a hat on it, because it is always good to wear a hat.

Typically, traditional hats are made from felt and finished with a variety of decorations such as hat bands, souvenir pins or a Gamsbart (tuft of chamois hair). Practical in the utmost sense, a traditional hat is also the fashionable way to complete any Man’s German outfit!