Schnucki went shopping

Author: Schnucki xx   Date Posted:1 June 2016 


In March as per every year we flew to Germany to attend the ‘Supreme Tracht & Country’ Fair in Munich where over 20 exhibitors showcase their upcoming range for 2016.

We have met some amazing designers and manufacturers, gained a broader insight into the world of Traditional German Fashion and increased our circle of friends.

After much consideration and quality checking we have decided to stay with our current manufacturers of Dirndl and Lederhosen.

KrÜger our main German dress manufacturer impressed not only us last year but also our customers. Their designs, colour matching, quality, craftsmanship and traditional Dirndl designs are impressive which explains why they are one of the best well known in Germany. This year KrÜger blew our socks of yet again with their range and we have put together a stunning collection for our Australian customers, think flowers, fresh colours and amazing fabrics.

At KrÜger picking the range for 2016 with Frau Schulz.

Almsach our main Lederhosen supplier is back on board again too, with even a bigger range for our male customers. Their leather is top quality and so is their craftsmanship. We have looked at many different manufacturers but only want to offer Australia the best. This year we have our staple range of the Plattler Simmerl and Seppl Poldi but also some more high quality Lederhosen, with g’sticks patterns (stitched pattern) and an amazing colour range from dark warm chocolate to light deer.

Picking the Lederhosen for the new range.

Furthermore, Almsach are our shirt suppliers and we have not found another that can top their quality. This year we have of course stocked up on our staple shirt colours, blue and white chequered, red and white chequered, berry and white chequered etc and have added some other amazing colours for this season as well as totally new designs.

Almsach also supplies us with some high quality traditional linen and cotton Dirndls, which this year we have an even bigger range of!

Finalising our Dirndl range from Almsach for 2016.

From left, Regina Schusdzarra - (aka 'Mama Schnucki), Mr. Chawla (Almsach) and Kim Zoulek.

Stockerpoint supplies us with the best quality socks and Loiferl as well as one of our most sought after products, the men’s hats. We have stocked up on our men’s hats this year and have sizes 54 – 61 available. We have also stocked up on our traditional men’s knitted jackets and vests as well as the ladies knitted Dirndl jackets, so no matter how cool it gets we can look after you and make sure you look amazing in your traditional German outfits.

From left, Kim Zoulek, Rudy Brunner (Stockerpoint) and Regina Schusdzarra (aka 'Mama Schnucki').

We are most excited to announce that Bondi Kids, our traditional children’s supplier is back on board as well and we were able to extend our range from new born babies all the way through to the teens. You can buy the real Kids Lederhosen or Dirndl or you can opt for hot red Lederhosen shorts for the girls with Lederhosen print t-shirts or jeans Lederhosen shorts and matching t-shirts for the boys.

Sneak peak into what is to come in 2016, Bondi Kids.

And finally to our newest edition this year we have a traditional Dirndl designer on board, Hiebaum. Still a family run business, Hiebaum manufactures their own fabrics, use native sourced products and to this day still hand manufacture their traditional dresses. We are looking forward to the limited edition of traditional Austrian Dirndl dresses.

Dirndls from Hiebaum, top secret limited range for 2016.