The Secret of the Dirndl Apron Bow

Author: kimzoulek   Date Posted:8 September 2015 

A secret only a few know is that in fact the apron bow on a woman's Dirndl indicates her marital status. Here we explain so that you are in the know and that no misunderstandings can happen to you!

Dirndl apron bow on the right side
Women, who wear the Dirndl bow on their right, signalize that their status is - taken! Because the wearer has found her happiness in love already, this means: Look but don't touch!

Dirndl apron bow in the middle
Tying the Dirndl bow in the middle front of the dress has two meanings: Virgin - for anyone over the age of 18 and Child for anyone under the age of 18.
Therefore, Tying the bow this way can attract a lot of incredulous looks, especially when the wearers themselves don't know its meaning. Different from what you might think (left-free, right-taken, middle-unsure?), these women are definitely not uncertain about their marital status.

Dirndl apron bow on the left side
Women who tie their apron on their left side, are single and ready to mingle. Flirting is also allowed, if not even desirable. However, the bow on the left side is not an open invitation or excuse for an immediate physical contact.

Dirndl apron bow in the back
Dirndl apron bow tied in the back can have two meanings - either the woman is a widow or a waitress. But that should be easy to decipher. Simply base your conclusion on the presence or absence of beer mugs in the woman's hands.