A Guide to finding the perfect Lederhosen

Date Posted:27 July 2018 


Looking for that perfect Lederhosen? One that you can become one with and have for years to come? We’ve put together this guide to help you along your journey to find the perfect one!


The Perfect Fit

Finding the perfect fit for your Lederhosen is important, so be sure to take your time when trying them on. It’s important to remember that leather is a natural material that widens when worn, so your Lederhosen should be a tight fit when you first put them on. After a while, the leather will adapt to your body and adjust to be the perfect fit. It’s also worth noting that the higher the quality of leather, the better the fit and durability will be.


The “Zwickel”

The “Zwickel” (also known as the gusset) is located on the back of the Lederhosen at waist level. The gusset is going to help you achieve the perfect fit. This is because it allows you to enlarge or narrow the Lederhosen to adjust it to fit your waist.


The Leather

Genuine Lederhosen are made of suede leather, meaning that they will have a rough surface. A good high-quality suede leather will feel soft and pleasant while also being hard-wearing and durable. The type of leather used for Lederhosen can vary depending on preferences and price needs. Leather sourced from mountain goats is an excellent middle class leather, whereas leather sourced from stags is considered the highest quality option and comes with a higher price tag.


Still have questions on how to find the perfect one?

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