Wiesn Glupperl - The Perfect Accessory!

Author: Schnucki xx   Date Posted:9 September 2019 

Oktoberfest is full of fun and quirky traditions, and the Wiesn Glupperl is no exception!



Don’t be scared off by the name (which is just as hard to pronounce as you think). These adorable little wooden pegs act as name badges and are decorated with all things Oktoberfest, including pretzels, hearts, bier steins, and flags.

Wiesn Glupperl were originally worn by wait-staff to secure orders to their Dirndls. After a while, they decided to start etching their names on the pegs, so visitors would know the name of the person who was serving them.

Visitors of Oktoberfest eventually decided to get in on the fun too and began wearing Wiesn Glupperl as an accessory to their traditional Oktoberfest outfit. And why not! These adorable little pegs are not only cute and fun, they also serve as a convenient icebreaker when soaking up the atmosphere in the ‘Bierzelt’ with a bunch of new people.

You have to be careful though, many people will often get fake names or naughty words etched onto their pegs instead!

Click here to check out a little video we made about Wiesn Glupperl!

Want your own Wiesn Glupperl? At Oktoberfest Brisbane 2019, you can get your very own personalised peg at our on-site Pop-Up Shop! Be sure to come along and say hi!


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